That’s right!  The first big holiday of the year (if you exclude New Year’s) is Easter.  For many folks that means a traditional and delicious ham to be served at the dinner table.  But if you’re like a lot of people there’s usually a healthy portion remaining for future meals.

Unlike a ham that takes a bit of time to cook, the fabulous egg is a tasty complement that takes little time or effort to prepare.  Best of all, eggs are the perfect partner for that leftover ham.  Scrambled or sunny side up, few folks can resist the taste when served along with a warm slice of ham.  Better yet, how about a fluffy omelet combining both nutritious ingredients!

Remember, the humble egg has many things going for it.  They’re budget friendly, packed full of vitamins and protein, and can be prepared in countless ways.  Just keep in mind that not all eggs are created equal.  It’s best to buy free range, omega-3 enriched or pasteurized eggs for optimum health benefits.

You can be assured that no matter if its ham or eggs – or beef, fish or poultry – the products you select at Peacock’s Poultry Farm are sure to please both your taste buds and your pocket book.

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This month’s “Facts from the Farm”

  • Pigs have an excellent sense of smell with which they can detect food that is buried underground, at a depth of five feet.
  • A chicken needs to consume about four pounds of feed in order to produce a dozen eggs.
  • Pigs are fantastic swimmers, which is quite surprising considering the bulky structure of their body.
  • The average chicken hen lays about 300 eggs a year.
  • Insulin and more than 40 other pharmaceuticals and medicines are derived from pig products.