Regardless of the weather outside, the calendar says Spring is just around the corner.  Hooray for that!

Hopefully everyone’s got all the junk-food eating out of their system on Fat Tuesday and ready to spring clean the refrigerator and their diet.  You can start the process by shopping with us at Peacock’s Poultry Farm for the finest selection of minimally processed poultry.

Speaking of poultry, did you know that March 19th is National Poultry Day?  No, it’s not a national holiday — we all still have to work —  but is a recognition of one of our favorite food sources.  Chicken, turkey and other fowl we consume have fewer calories, and less fat and cholesterol than other meat products.  They also contain significant amounts of valuable, muscle-building protein.  Plus their eggs make a great breakfast!

Best of all, when you shop at Peacock’s Poultry Farm you can be sure that you’re getting meats that have been raised humanely and themselves fed a nutritious diet.

So how about it, poultry lovers?  Come out and support our local economy, clean up your diet and get your body healthy for Spring.  After all, it’s nearly swimsuit season!

– – – – –

This month’s “Facts from the Farm” …

  • If a broody hen has pushed an egg out of the nest, she probably knows something is not right with that egg or embryo.
  • Chickens need between 14 to 16 hours of light each day in order to lay healthy eggs.
  • Eggshells have a protective coating that prevents bacteria from entering the egg.  To retain this coating, eggs should not be washed until just before use.
  • Shell color is a breed characteristic.  Most chicken breeds lay light-to-medium brown eggs.  A few breeds lay white, dark brown, green, blue or cream colored eggs.
  • The longest recorded distance flown by a chicken was 301.5 feet!