A quick trip to the local grocer for eggs can sometimes leave you feeling as if you got lost in a never-ending abyss of grocery shopping. Ever ended up leaving with more than you needed (or worse), ever end up forgetting the one thing you came for? We’ve all been there!

Time to get smarter about your shopping habits. With a few easy steps, the headache of having to head to the grocer can and will be alleviated.


1. Basket of Basics: Although obvious to some, filling your basket (and home pantry) with your basics will make it a hundred times easier to throw together quick meals throughout the week. Not sure if you have something at home? Grab another one (odds are you will use them well before they expire anyway). Better to have extra than be short one egg when you’re baking a cake for dessert on Friday.

2. Bulk Bins should be your Best Friend: Instead of buying the big boxes that may sit on your shelves for months, hit the bulk bins for small needs that will stay fresher longer. Buy your beans, grains, and pasta in bulk maybe twice and month and you’ll be set.

3. Off-Hours Shopping is the Best Shopping: One of the biggest stresses of heading to the grocer is the post-work crowds. If you can manage to go mid-morning on your days off or later in the evening, you’ll be surprised how much quieter the store is. Its a much more pleasant shopping experience.

4. Focus on One Recipe: As lovely as planning a week out for meals sounds, its almost impossible for the majority. Organization in baby steps, right? Start by selecting one recipe that you are excited to try and shop for that recipe. This guarantees you’ll try something new and will alleviate the overwhelming task of remembering 5 different recipes (as well as the discouragement when you run out of time and don’t make all 5 meals).

5. Keep a Back-up Dinner in Mind: When the day gets away from you (which is does for everyone once in awhile), you should always have one go-to meal. Something that you can throw together and will satisfy you and those at your table with minimal effort. When you’re at the grocer, be sure to grab these ingredients as well… sometimes those nights comes up quicker than we’d like to admit!