Amish Poultry

Naturally Raised In The Traditional Amish Manner

In true Amish tradition, chickens are all natural. NO growth hormones… NO preservatives… just great tasting meals. These chickens also have less fat and more meat. That’s because the chickens are not force fed. They grow at their own pace to stay tender and lean. And that means more great tasting chicken for your money.

Amish chickens are raised in open, spacious houses with plenty of fresh air and water. That way, they grow healthy and are delivered to your store firm and white, not yellow.


What We Do

  1. We hand process every chicken fresh everyday.
  2. We use pure water for cleaning and chilling from our own wells.
  3. We use low-fat feed so our chickens have more meat and less fat.
  4. We grow our chickens slower so they taste better and are healthier.
  5. We raise our chickens in the natural, traditional Amish manner.
  6. We take pride in our work, and make sure we deliver the best poultry available anywhere.


What We Don’t Do

  1. We don’t use preservatives.
  2. We don’t use chlorine.
  3. We don’t use growth hormones, or stimulants.
  4. We don’t ship our chickens cross-country so they get old before you get them.
  5. We don’t compromise on quality or good taste.


Try Amish chicken today. Make our family tradition part of yours.