New Year, New You.  The holidays are over, the vacation days are used up and 2014 is now in full swing.  There is no reason why 2014 can’t be your healthiest year yet, and at Peacock’s Poultry Farm we’re fully stocked and ready to meet your needs to provide you and your family with chemical- and hormone-free products!

It’s an all to common occurrence for someone to set out to eat healthier, only to fall off the wagon because the food just didn’t taste good.  With our Amish-raised poultry and all-natural products, that will not be an issue.  Our customers enjoy our chemical-free fresh eggs, delicious plump chicken and fresh, hearty bacon.  Wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel guilt-free afterwards?  To eat healthy without breaking the bank?

Many people set out to eat healthier and save more money in the New Year, and with our help you can do both!  Our livestock products are competitively priced and  of the highest quality.  Save money at Peacock’s while enjoying livestock raised with care.  We’ve discussed the harmful effects of chemicals and preservatives in our previous blogs.  And the goodness of all-natural chicken and pork available at the same prices you pay at the grocery store is something that you can only find here at Peacock’s.  Enjoy the same natural flavors your grandparents and great-grandparents experienced.  Products raised with quality – not quantity – in mind.

Come by to see us today and see for yourself why our many customers trust Peacock’s Poultry Farm to provide them with the quality and service that everyone  deserves.