Tips to Stretch Your Food Dollars

For most folks, making a trip to the grocery store or local specialty market doesn’t rank near the top of fun-to-do activities.  Yet everyone will agree that it is a necessity we all must undertake.  When you make that trip, however, how wisely do you use the dollars you spend?  Here are some worthwhile tips […]

5 Tips for Smarter Shopping at the Grocer

A quick trip to the local grocer for eggs can sometimes leave you feeling as if you got lost in a never-ending abyss of grocery shopping. Ever ended up leaving with more than you needed (or worse), ever end up forgetting the one thing you came for? We’ve all been there! Time to get smarter about your shopping habits. With a […]

Hooray for Summer!

Well, the first major warm weather holidays of the year have come and gone.  No need to shed a tear because there are still plenty more to come!  The Fourth of July will be here before you know it. But wait… don’t forget that Father’s Day is the next special day on the calendar, June […]

Spring Clean Your Diet

Regardless of the weather outside, the calendar says Spring is just around the corner.  Hooray for that! Hopefully everyone’s got all the junk-food eating out of their system on Fat Tuesday and ready to spring clean the refrigerator and their diet.  You can start the process by shopping with us at Peacock’s Poultry Farm for […]

Keep Those Hearts Happy & Healthy

Did you know that February is ‘American Heart Month?’  That’s right … but don’t stop there.  You should be eating healthy EVERY month! Heart disease is known to be the leading cause of death in the U.S.  The good news is that by making healthy changes in our lifestyle and choices in what we eat, […]

New Year, New You.

New Year, New You.  The holidays are over, the vacation days are used up and 2014 is now in full swing.  There is no reason why 2014 can’t be your healthiest year yet, and at Peacock’s Poultry Farm we’re fully stocked and ready to meet your needs to provide you and your family with chemical- […]

Healthy Eating… It is an Option

Just how much extra chemicals, preservatives and additives go into the food that you and your family eat on a daily basis?  It has been found that in the United States, consumers spend nearly 90% of their food budget on foods that are processed!  And when you think that nearly all processed foods contain additives […]